Website of the Cholnoky family

This family, one of the oldest Hungarian families, gave its homeland - and the world - many talented and accomplished people. There are many members of this distinguished family spread around the world, due largely to the political storms and the wars of the twentieth century, causing them to leave their homeland.

There are many interesting and authentic stories connected the Cholnoky family as well as some legends. Some members became well known in their homeland, while others became famous internationally in the fields of arts and sciences. Some came to tragic ends.

The creators of this website - members of the family - wish to collect data from other members, in order to try to bring all living members together.

Since we have the tools - the Internet - this goal may be within reach.

All of us who carry this honored name may be proud of it and each other. Getting to know each other or even just knowing about each other might strengthen the feeling of belonging within members of family.

Thus, two members got together and created this homepage to enhance the chances of bringing as many members of this family as possible closer together or - at least - helping them to find each other. These two are Dr Peter Cholnoky (physician) of Szombathely, Hungary and Dr Peter Cholnoky (engineer) of Budapest, Hungary.

All members of the family, wherever located, are requested to respond by any means: e-mail, fax, telephone, or regular post. If they cannot do that they are requested to at least think of the family and us

If you receive this message, please inform as many other members as you can about the existence of this website homepage.

Our aim is to publish the information thus gathered in a systematic way by constantly enlarging the homepage. We would like to:

  • clarify relations within the family;
  • produce an accurate family tree;
  • collect stories, anecdotes and CV's about members of the family;
  • discover and publish the latest news of the family, with special emphasis on births, marriages, important accomplishments and - sadly - deaths;
  • keep an accurate record of changing addresses of those who are interested in keeping in contact with other members of the family;

At last, but not least, who knows, perhaps we will organize a family jamboree for those who would like to meet other family members. (How many hundreds might attend?)

We think there are many Cholnokys living in the United States, most likely elsewhere as well. Some of these members may have been away from the land of their ancestors for several generations and are not too familiar with Hungarian as a language. Thus, we intend to have this homepage - and all updated parts of it - in English and Hungarian.

Please send written responses to:

Dr Peter Cholnoky
Uveghaz utca 8

Dr. Cholnoky Péter mérnök és dr. Cholnoky Péter orvos

Dr Peter Cholnoky
Furdo utca 3
Hungary Email:

We would be very pleased to hear from any and all of you! Of course, the preferred method is e-mail, fax, or regular post. So that we may collect accurate data for the family tree, please complete the enclosed form. We would be pleased to receive any information, stories, anecdotes, comments - not to mention addresses and telephone numbers - and of course e-mail information if you have it. We promise to publish everything that is printable, provided that your approval is given in advance.

We have prepared a family tree, included in this homepage. It will be updated and corrected as information flows in.

We know about the following web site addresses: and At the moment they are not fully operational, but are already registered.