Help to use tree

User platform of family tree helps fast, easy and efficient way of navigation; this is why the platform is similar to those of common on Internet. User platform is constantly appearing on top of browsing window, whichever section of the tree is being viewed.

Beside the top user platform (menu bar) there are more active elements within the tree in order to maintain accessibility and easy handling. Layout of the tree is optimized to reach quick overall view, tracing family connections.

View of family tree

User may influence appearance of great amount of information contained in the tree. The following parameters may be set accordingly:

Viewpoint. there are two ways to see family tree: Overall View and Detail View.

Overall view: one can see name, year of birth and death of the selected persons. This view maintains to get a quick glimpse. When first entering family tree, it appears in overall view to provide faster download and easier navigation

Detail view: one can see all stored data, including picture, if any. In case of lack of photo the shield (coat-of-arms) can be seen. Due to the big amount of data, it is advised to use detail view only in case of having partial tree. Total tree may also be seen in detail view, but in case of modem-connected computer one has to wait bit longer than expected.

First member of family to appear in the tree

Tree contains a lot of information. If we are to see only one portion of the tree, then we can limit the appearance to one section. One can define an ancestor, whose descendants are to be seen. One may have several options to do so.

  1. When requested ancestor is on screen, let us click on his name, then a tree will appear, where he is on top of part-tree.
  2. When requested person is not on screen, one can choose "one step up", i.e. to see father and brothers/sisters of the previous "top" person. There is an option to jump on top at once by clicking to "Jump on top", which means the view of the full family tree.
  3. When one wishes to see a person and his descendants not appearing on screen, then either the number of levels should be increased or requested part-tree is to be selected, in which he is to be found. When the requested person appears, then procedure described in point 1 is to be followed.
  4. When a person and his descendants are to be displayed sitting on a far distance branch, then the overall view of the whole tree is proposed to use.

Depth of display

In case of decreasing the amount of displayed data, i.e. only few generations can be seen, it is easier to survey and less time is needed during download. It is possible to display 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 descending generations, or all of them.

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